Manual Edge Bead Removal (EBR)

Simple and Effective

An edge bead is a build up of your coating chemistry at the edge of your substrate, and can cause issues with further processing. It is best removed immediately after coating.

The video  here shows edge bead removal using our UD-3b automated dispenser, which is detailed on our Automated Dispense page.

Manual Edge Bead Removal provides a simple and effective solution for occasional use.

For topside edge bead removal, the syringe is secured using locking ball mount fixed into the system lid. You can adjust the position of the needle to account for several different diameters of substrate. The range of wafer diameters that the EBR can be used with is determined by the position of the mount on system lid.

When used on our largest systems, more than one manual EBR may be needed to cover the range of wafer diameters required.

In addition to the topside EBR shown, manual backside edge bead removal is also available.