Pneumatic Exhaust Generator for your spin coater

Generate or boost Exhaust Volume with this simple option

Our PEG-1 Pneumatic Exhaust Generator is easy to install and use. This efficient design has no moving parts, so it can never wear out, and supplies the required exhaust flow for one Laurell spin processor. The only requirement is a CDA or N2 pressure source.

An exhaust flow is created when 25–100 PSIG (1.7–6.9 bar) of a gas is supplied to the generator. The flow is created by a Coanda effect and, by varying the input pressure, a differential pressure of 0.5"–3.5" H2O can be achieved. 50 PSIG (3.4 bar) generates a volumetric flow rate of approximately 20 CFM (0.57 M3/min.)

It is easy to clean and disassemble, if necessary.