Spin Coater Kudos for Laurell

Laurell Technologies Corporation was founded in 1985. For the past 39 years, total customer satisfaction has remained one of our most important goals.

Don't just take our word for it!

Just read some of the many hundreds of positive feedback messages we've received from our customers over the last 25 years.

If you'd like to let us know about your own experiences with Laurell spin coaters, or with our sales and support engineers, please contact us.


  October 05, 2023
... The spin coater [WS-650Hz-15NPPB-UD-3] has been working perfectly, thank you for your assistance in the ordering process!
  September 25, 2023
... I started to use the spin coater and everything works well.
  March 28, 2023
... The spin coater [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is indeed working well.
  March 24, 2023
... My colleague has recommended your company and I value his suggestion on getting your spin coater.
  March 21, 2023
... So far, I'm a happy customer - the spinner [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working great.
  March 16, 2023
... The unit [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] has been installed and is working well.
  March 16, 2023
... Rest assured, I will go nowhere without a Laurell spin coater…
  March 14, 2023
... Our spinner [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working great. We use it every day and love it.
  March 10, 2023
... The new spinner [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is setup and operating as needed by my team. Thanks to Laurell and teams for the easy lines of communication and quick response times.
  February 27, 2023
... The products [WS-650Lz-23NPPB & WS-650Mz-23NPPB] are working great right now!
  February 14, 2023
... The new spinner [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is set up and working well.
  February 10, 2023
... That worked, thank you! Nice to have such great service backing us up.
  February 02, 2023
... Have the spin coater [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] set up and did a couple of test films. Everything seems to be working great.
  February 01, 2023
... So far we’re very happy with it [WS-650Mz-23NPPB].
  February 01, 2023
... We have a 15 year old Laurell spin coater that still works great.
  January 30, 2023
... The system [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] has been working well.
  January 25, 2023
... The coater [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working well.
  January 17, 2023
... It's [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] been working smoothly.


  December 07, 2022
... [After a repair on a 14 year old system] We are really happy with the SpinCoater [sic]. Its working like on a first day!
  November 21, 2022
... I already used it [WS-650MZ-23NPPB] couple of times and it works very well.
  October 27, 2022
... The spinner [WS-650Hzb-23NPPB-IND] is functioning great, and we have had no issues.
  August 31, 2022
... [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] Everything is working perfectly.
  August 29, 2022
... We’ve had pretty good success with the spincoater... [WS-650Mz-8NPPB] I think we’ve been pretty pleased so far.
  July 22, 2022
... Everything is working out for us so far and we are quite happy with the system. [WS-650Mz-23NPPB]
  July 13, 2022
... Everything [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working great, thanks.
  June 03, 2022
... The system [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working great for us as is!
  May 27, 2022
... We actually just fired it up [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] for the first time a couple days ago... it worked great.
  May 23, 2022
... The spin coater [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] works great now.
  May 17, 2022
... The spinner works great! [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] We use it frequently.
  April 18, 2022
... It's [WS-650Mz-23TFMB] working superbly.
  April 14, 2022
... We have a number of your spin coaters which have been fantastic.
  March 14, 2022
... The spin coater is working great for us [WS-650Mz-8NPPB].
  March 14, 2022
... It works great, [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] we love it!
  February 23, 2022
... We've installed the spinner [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] and it works great.
  February 10, 2022
... We have been using the new spin processor [WS-650Hzb-23NPPB-UD-3-UD-3b] continuously and it works great.
  February 09, 2022
... Everything [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working great.


  November 30, 2021
... The tool [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] has been working great.
  November 15, 2021
... Everything is well with the coater [WS-650Mz-23NPPB], it seems to be working great.
  November 08, 2021
... Everything is working well! [WS-650Mz-8NPPB] We haven’t had any problems.
  November 03, 2021
... I really appreciate the speedy replies and good customer service... your machines last 26 years… If any of the departments here are looking for a great quality spinner I will most definitely be sending them your way.
  October 25, 2021
... This spin processer [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] has worked really well for us.
  October 20, 2021
... We are very satisfied with our spin-coating system [WS-650MZ-23NPPB]. Thanks.
  October 04, 2021
... We’re pretty happy with the system. [WS-650Mz-23NPPB-OND] It works well with the Bluetooth configuration and overall, the spinning is very smooth.
  September 30, 2021
... We have been very happy with the two Laurell systems [EDC-650Hz-15NPPB - WS-650Mz-23NPP] we run currently and do not utilize any other vendors for that tech.
  September 22, 2021
... It was super easy to install and it seems to be running like a charm [WS-650Hzb-23NPPB-UD-3].
  September 22, 2021
... Everything has been working great [WS-650Mz-23NPPB], set up was straightforward and we've had no issues running the tool.
  September 21, 2021
... It is working really well. [WS-650Mz-23NPPB]
  September 21, 2021
... It [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working great! We've advocated for more laurell purchases!
  August 31, 2021
... The machine [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working great!
  August 30, 2021
... Everything [H6M23N] is currently working great
  August 03, 2021
... The tool [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] has been working well. Thank you!
  July 13, 2021
... Students have been giving very positive feedbacks on the spincoater [WS-650Mz-23NPPB]. I'm very glad about the purchase!
  July 01, 2021
... The spin processor [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is great.
  June 30, 2021
... The system [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is still working great.
  June 14, 2021
... Our new spinner [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working great.
  June 03, 2021
... We have installed the spincoater [WS-650MZ-23NPPB] ...and everything is running perfectly. We are very happy with it and very grateful for the excellent service and assessment provided by you.
  May 20, 2021
... The spin coater [WS-650MZ-23NPPB-UD3] works perfectly for our purpose.
  April 20, 2021
... We are always satisfied with your products.
  April 13, 2021
... We received and installed the processor last week [WS-650Mz-8NPPB] and it’s working great.
  April 09, 2021
... We actually already have two spin coaters from your company in our lab. And they are fantastic.
  April 09, 2021
... We realize that our system is quite old [18 years] but it still works perfectly fine thanks to the quality of your products.
  April 01, 2021
... The system [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] works great. Thank you.
  March 03, 2021
... The spin coater is still working great. [WS-650Mz-23NPPB]
  March 03, 2021
... The spin coater [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working great!
  January 25, 2021
... The spin coater is working well. [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] We are very happy with it.
  January 05, 2021
... It's working like a charm! WS-650Mz-23NPPB


  December 02, 2020
... We are really happy with your spin coater [WS-650MZ-23NPPB]
  December 01, 2020
... We have finished setting up the new system [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] and everything has been working as expected... Thanks for your help throughout the purchase process!
  December 01, 2020
... I must say that everything is working very good [WS-650MZ-23NPPB] and we do not have any problems. Thank you.
  November 16, 2020
... We are doing great with the system... [WS-650Hzb-23NPPB-UD-3] its running excellently.
  October 26, 2020
... Everything works fine! [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] Not a single issue so far.
  September 22, 2020
... The system [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working perfectly so far. It is indeed very easy to use and very reliable.
  August 05, 2020
... We are enjoying the new spin coating system [WS-650Mz-23NPPB]. Everything works well
  July 13, 2020
... The spin-coater [WS-650MZ-23NPPB] is very easy to use.
  July 13, 2020
... It is running well [WS-650Hzb-23NPPB-UD3] and it is depositing good films.
  July 06, 2020
... We are very satisfied with the stability of the coater because we use it for 2 hours nonstop for certain applications.
  June 25, 2020
... We love our spin coater [WS-650Mz-23NPPB].
  June 16, 2020
... The machine [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is running great we use it a ton, and our process is fairly locked in now for production.
  May 27, 2020
... The spin coater [WS-650Mz-8NPPB] is working very well.
  April 23, 2020
... Everything is running smoothly; we have been using the spin processor to fabricate devices for a few weeks now with no issue!
  April 06, 2020
... I already have a Laurell spin-coater in my lab and know the quality of it!
  March 18, 2020
... The spin coater [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] feels like a new car, it works great.
  March 18, 2020
... It’s working very well. [WS-650Mz-8NPPB]
  March 11, 2020
... The machine is running great [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] we use it a ton.
  March 04, 2020
... Everything is fine with Laurell spin coater [WS-650MZ-8NPPB], it work very well in our glovebox.
  February 24, 2020
... Everyone [is] happy with your machine. [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] Should have bought it sooner.


  December 02, 2019
... The equipment [WS-400BZ-6NPP] is still working perfectly after all these years. [shipped in 2008]
  November 15, 2019
... Tool [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working great. Thank you!
  October 31, 2019
... We're very happy with our spinner[WS-650Mz-23NPPB].
  September 23, 2019
... Currently, the spin coater [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is inside of our glovebox for QD-based LED fabrication. Without any problems, we are enjoying the equipment.
  September 19, 2019
... We have the system up and running. Already seeing some improvements in our processes, [it] was a very good investment.
  September 17, 2019
... I received the spin coater [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] and started to use it. Everything works perfectly, thank you.
  August 20, 2019
... The spin coater [WS-650Hzb-23NPPB-UD-3] is working great.
  August 13, 2019
... Works really nicely as other devices which we also have from you!
  June 20, 2019
... Everything seems to be working well, we just ran our first process today and it went off without a hitch.
  June 20, 2019
... The system works perfectly [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] and we are using it on daily basis.
  June 20, 2019
... Everything is working well! [WS-650Mz-23NPPB]
  May 31, 2019
... The tool [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working well.
  May 03, 2019
... It’s been working great. [WS-650Hz-8NPPB]
  May 03, 2019
... One year flew by. The spinner [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working very well and we have not encountered any issues with it.
  May 01, 2019
... [WS-650Hzb-23NPPB-UD-3] Yes, it’s working well for our research!
  April 08, 2019
... We have been using it a good bit [WS-650MZ-23NPPB] and it runs like a dream. Very satisfied!
  April 03, 2019
... [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] Working great, thanks!
  April 02, 2019
... We are completely satisfied with it: [WS-650MZ-8NPPB] it is quite easy to use and the instructions and support are clear. Thank you very much!
  April 01, 2019
... The chuck that I ordered... works great and I would like to order a second one.
  March 19, 2019
... The spin coater [WS-650Mz-23NPPB-UD-3] has been working well for us.
  February 26, 2019
... Everything is great! [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] Thanks so much for all of your help!
  February 25, 2019
... The coater is working beautifully! [WS-650Mz-23NPPB]
  January 31, 2019
... The tool is working great at the moment. We are even having other departments lining up to use our tool and we feel proud about that - great investment.
  January 31, 2019
... The spin coater operates great so far -- thanks for asking!
  January 25, 2019
... The instrument [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] works great.
  January 14, 2019
... I have been very impressed by your sales team timeliness and informative material.
  January 09, 2019
... Thanks for following up. The spin processor [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] works well.
  January 03, 2019
... [WS-650Mz-8NPPB] We use it almost daily and it is excellent. We plan to buy another.


  December 12, 2018
... Everything seems good with the system and it is easily programmed.
  November 09, 2018
... This year we purchased one of the Laurell´s 300mm spin coaters and we are pleased with the performance of the system.
  October 23, 2018
... [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] Everything works great. Thank you very much!
  October 19, 2018
... We have bought [sic] a spincoating machine from you about 4 years ago. It's working great.
  October 17, 2018
... We are very happy with our second system.
  October 12, 2018
... We are very happy with the spin coater and frequently use it for various coating tasks.
  October 11, 2018
... The spin coater is still in use and giving excellent results.
  October 09, 2018
... The delivery was very quick. Thanks for good collaboration... I will for sure spread the word that you are great to work with.
  September 18, 2018
... The system [WS-650Hzb-23NPPB-UD-3] is working great.
  September 18, 2018
... The spin coater is working great!
  September 07, 2018
... The spincoaters are working perfectly but it is good to know that we can turn to you in case we have questions. Thank you.
  September 05, 2018
... Our system works very nice! [sic] We regularly clean the system and we don’t have any problem with it’s functionality.
  August 15, 2018
... The spinners are both working well. One post graduate student told me that his resist (AZ5214E) had never been so uniform.
  August 14, 2018
... [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] It works like a charm!
  August 06, 2018
... The coater [WS-650Mz-8NPPB] is working well, very easy to set up and get going.
  July 13, 2018
... [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] It has been great so far!
  June 28, 2018
... So far it's [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] been working great... it's been smooth sailing so far.
  June 25, 2018
... The spin coater [WS-650Hz-8NPPB] has been set up and is working well.
  June 20, 2018
... System is running well and I am back to making samples... I think the new chucks give me all the versatility I need.
  June 15, 2018
... Thanks again for the very quick repair of our system and its speedy return!
  June 11, 2018
... We are very happy with the instrument. [WS-650Mz-23NPPB]
  June 01, 2018
... We are still using it and very pleased with the instrument [WS-650Mz-23NPPB].
  May 22, 2018
... The system is working wonderfully! I think everyone in the lab is very happy with it.
  May 18, 2018
... Processor working really very well... we using [sic] corrosive etching solution.
  May 08, 2018
... The spinner [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working well and getting a lot of use.
  April 27, 2018
... The Laurell Processor is working well. Same goes for the other unit we purchased earlier.
  April 25, 2018
... The spin coater the is working well and we are happy with the instrument. [WS-650Mz-23NPPB]
  April 17, 2018
... Your storefront is VERY good. I navigated right to these items [spare parts] after I asked.
  April 06, 2018
... [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] The system works beautifully!
  March 23, 2018
... [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] It is working seamlessly.
  March 08, 2018
... All is successful with the Laurell tools, thank you for the support.
  March 05, 2018
... The spincoater is working perfect, we did not experience any issues so far. People find it in general easy and straightforward to use, so that is great.
  March 02, 2018
... The spinner is set up and working well. We are happy about that.
  February 15, 2018
... I would like to thank the Laurell team for this excellent support.
  February 12, 2018
... I am very happy with the spin coater
  January 25, 2018
... Our Laurel [sic] equipment has almost 10 years since its purchase. It is a really robust spin-coater.
  January 10, 2018
... Everything works smoothly for us with the spin coater.
  January 02, 2018
... We are really happy with your spin coater... The spin coater has performed exactly as we hoped.


  December 05, 2017
... The tutorials and literature on your website are really useful. I learned everything I wanted from them.
  December 01, 2017
... Everyone loves it [customer received a Laurell WS-650Mz-8NPPB system] and comment[s] on how smooth it runs compared with the previous ones we had. Overall I consider it an excellent purchase and I would recommend this model to anyone in the market for a spin coater.
  November 21, 2017
... Installation and operation was straightforward and has not given any trouble. We used the software to define our programs and that worked as well.
  November 20, 2017
... The Spin Processor still working great. I am quiet [sic] happy with it.
  November 17, 2017
... [New user at a Canadian university] The spin coater works great.
  November 17, 2017
... [New user comment] Our processor works great.
  November 15, 2017
... Our spin processor arrived safely and is working well!
  October 30, 2017
... [New WS-650Mz-23NPPB user comment] We are happy as clams!
  October 27, 2017
... Our spin coater works well... and we are satisfied with its accuracy and ease of use!
  October 16, 2017
... [WS-650Mz-23NPPB user comment] Everything is working great.
  October 09, 2017
... We are very happy with the spin coater. Its been running for the last 3 weeks and we are getting very nice coatings.
  September 29, 2017
... We have been using the spin coater now, and Laurell quality is as expected!
  September 26, 2017
... Things are going well with the processor. We actually used some of your support team to get some better tips for one of our processes that we are developing. So far that part of the development is going great.
  September 21, 2017
... The laurell [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is setup and working very well.
  September 20, 2017
... The machine works well. We greatly satisfy [sic] your product.
  September 18, 2017
... Our processor has been working great!
  September 15, 2017
... All is well and it is hooked up and running great, thank you.
  September 15, 2017
... We are indeed very satisfied with the spin coater and it is working fine while being used almost daily!
  August 31, 2017
... I have used Laurell spin coaters for years, and I always found them to be of excellent quality and reliability.
  August 28, 2017
... Everything is working great.
  August 25, 2017
... Everything is working fine with the spin processor. The website is also very good for manuals and tutorials.
  August 23, 2017
... [Customer using WS-650Mz-8NPPB] It works very well.
  August 22, 2017
... Some years ago we purchased a Spin Coater WS-650Mz-23NPP. I am very satisfied with the product and its functionality.
  August 15, 2017
... We're using it, and it's working great.
  August 02, 2017
... We still use all the spinners [every] day and all of them are working well.
  July 26, 2017
... [Customer using WS-650Mz-23NPPB] It is attending our necessities perfectly so.
  July 17, 2017
... The spin unit is still working well.
  July 10, 2017
... I... bought a spin-coater from you almost three years ago. It works well.
  July 05, 2017
... I'm a research scientist at [South American University]. I've been using one of your spin-coaters and I think it's the best one I've used so far.
  June 19, 2017
... We have tested some processes in the developer and they have been successful for the moment. Without problems!
  June 09, 2017
... The spin-coater is working fine for us and providing great progress in our daily research.
  June 08, 2017
... The system is performing very well and we have been getting consistent results.
  May 26, 2017
... Everything is currently working fine! All operating smoothly.
  May 16, 2017
... The Laurell Spin Coaters have been reliable easy to use systems with no complaints from the users.
  May 09, 2017
... I know you make the best instruments for research labs in the market...
  May 05, 2017
... I have had no problems at all. The system is working the same as the day it came.
  April 27, 2017
... The system is working great.
  March 29, 2017
... Thank you very much. I am very happy with the equipment, the sales process and the fast delivery.
  March 24, 2017
... The system works great!
  March 01, 2017
... [Customer using WS-650-Mz-23NPPB] I find it has better reliability in contrast to the others.
  February 25, 2017
... My students have unanimously voted to go for the Laurell spin coater.
  February 17, 2017
... Last year I purchased a spin coater from you and I am very happy with it.
  February 02, 2017
... We have been using the spin coater a lot and it is working great.
  January 17, 2017
... The spinner works perfectly, - we are very happy with it.
  January 17, 2017
... The system is working very well, we are using it constantly.
  January 13, 2017
... Everything is working great!
  January 04, 2017
... The spin coater worked and has been working brilliantly at [UK University].


  December 16, 2016
... The spin coater is great.
  December 15, 2016
... The spin coater works very well. Thank you for this awesome product.
  December 05, 2016
... The system works perfectly and is in regular use. Of particular benefit is the Bluetooth feature, which makes programming the system a breeze!
  December 02, 2016
... If we purchase a spin coater it would be Laurell! I’m not considering alternatives. I just was onsite at Intel and saw theirs. I am always jealous and I want one too!
  November 28, 2016
... Our spin coater works very well now. Thank you for such awesome [sic] product.
  November 21, 2016
... The spincoater works as desired... easy to use and gives reproducible results.
  November 18, 2016
... The new spin coater is working fine. We now have 3 set up and all are in use more or less daily.
  November 18, 2016
... We are very happy with our new spin coater.
  November 15, 2016
... We’ve installed and used the system and it is working wonderfully!
  October 28, 2016
... Our spin-coater is working perfectly well.
  September 28, 2016
... Everything works perfectly.
  September 15, 2016
... The whole process was really smooth and fast, we were very happy to get the instruments quickly.
  September 06, 2016
... The 6 spincoaters you sent you [sic] work very well! Thank you.
  August 23, 2016
... The spin coater is working flawlessly… great machine.
  August 23, 2016
... the spinner [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] works great!
  August 17, 2016
... From my experience Laurell has been a very good company to work with and my relationship with them spans twenty years.
  July 28, 2016
... [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] It works really well.
  July 21, 2016
... the instrument [WS-650Hzb-23NPPB] is here and running great.
  July 21, 2016
... Our spin processor is doing great - we love it!
  July 19, 2016
... We are very happy with the Laurell spin coater, it is working perfectly fine without any problems.
  July 01, 2016
... Yes, we just installed our spin coater into our new nitrogen environment glovebox. Everything is still working great.
  July 01, 2016
... The spinner is working and we have put our [competitor’s name] spinner in storage. You have a better product, which is why we got it.
  June 23, 2016
... The spincoater is working great. I'm setting up my process and there have been no issues at all.
  June 22, 2016
... I am totally happy with the machine [WS-650Mz-23NPPB], and it's going strong!
  June 10, 2016
... The system works perfectly.
  June 10, 2016
... The spin coater is fine and doing its job very well.
  May 26, 2016
... Since we have been using your spinner for 10-12 years with few problems we would feel quite confident with a similar unit.
  May 20, 2016
... [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] It is working just as well as the day we got it.
  May 09, 2016
... After the installation of the spin coater last year, there has been no issue with it. It works very well even under severe conditions… We’re totally satisfied with the quality of the spin coater!
  May 05, 2016
... We are still using [our] Laurell Spin coater for material coating on glass coverslips and it’s working very well!
  May 04, 2016
... Everything is working great!
  May 04, 2016
... I'm still using our Laurell and it's working well. I'm happy.
  May 04, 2016
... We are very happy with the spin coater.
  April 04, 2016
... it is installed [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] and has been working great.
  March 23, 2016
... The Laurell Spin Processor is working very well in our lab.
  March 21, 2016
... We liked so much your spinner [sic] that we are planning to buy another one.
  March 09, 2016
... Everything has been good with the spin processor, no problems to report!
  March 09, 2016
... The system [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] is working very well.
  February 29, 2016
... Thank you so much for your quick response... Excellent customer service from Laurell as usual.
  February 24, 2016
... [Spin processor WS-650Mz-23NPPB] It's working great!
  February 04, 2016
... On a side note, thanks for building high quality products. The spinner has been working trouble free since we purchased it in 2013
  January 29, 2016
... The spincoater is doing its job, I really like the easy to use interface and good reproducibility of my samples and I got [sic] some nice coatings that will help me with my PhD.
  January 28, 2016
... I have been super happy with the spin-coater. Worth every penny.
  January 20, 2016
... We are still using our Laurell spin coater and are still very happy about it... we are very pleased with the quality of it.
  January 05, 2016
... The spin processor works great.
  January 03, 2016
... Spin coater has been installed and is working well.


  December 29, 2015
... Everything has been great with the kit [WS-650 Spin Processor] – it is installed and working well
  December 17, 2015
... [From a customer who has purchased two WS-650 systems in the past year] They work like a champ, no issues, no problems so far.
  December 07, 2015
... I’ve had to deal with a number of companies and sales [personnel] this past year and you (and Laurell) are at the top of my good list.
  December 04, 2015
... The spin coater has worked exactly as we had hoped.
  December 01, 2015
... I just want to inform you that we have installed the Laurell spin coater and we started using it. It functions perfectly.
  November 25, 2015
... I'm so glad that when we bought a new spinner last month, the users chose Laurell! Your customer service is excellent.
  October 28, 2015
... We received our spin coater yesterday and it's amazing.
  October 22, 2015
... I’m very satisfied with both systems! I would easily recommend these systems to another company or someone interested in spinning.
  October 21, 2015
... Spinner is working excellent [sic].
  October 20, 2015
... We are very satisfied with both the use of instrument [sic] and the service & support provided.
  October 12, 2015
... The spin coater is working very well for us.
  October 09, 2015
... We are very happy with the performance of the equipment.
  October 01, 2015
... everything is working great.
  September 30, 2015
... I am very glad to receive the best instrument for spin coating.
  September 30, 2015
... The Spin Processor is working great!
  September 21, 2015
... Our spin coater still works great!
  September 18, 2015
... Thank you so much for all of your help, I believe that we bought a [sic] very good equipment.
  September 17, 2015
... The Spincoater is working perfectly.
  August 28, 2015
... Our spin processor is still working great.
  August 20, 2015
... The equipment is working perfectly... We really like it, is a fine piece of equipment
  August 04, 2015
... So far so good! The large vac. [vacuum] chuck worked really well.
  July 31, 2015
... The machine [spin processor] is working great!
  July 30, 2015
... Excellent service which is much appreciated.
  July 21, 2015
... We are very happy with the spin coater.
  July 17, 2015
... Our spin coater is running happily in our cleanroom.
  July 08, 2015
... Thank you for following up. The spin processor works great.
  July 08, 2015
... The spinner has been doing a great job! We are very happy with its performance.
  June 25, 2015
... The system is doing well…perfect, to be exact.
  June 23, 2015
... We are very happy with the new spin coater... over all we have been very impressed with your service.
  June 22, 2015
... Thanks for checking back... everything is great.
  June 19, 2015
... It was really great to meet you in person and I believe we learned many new tricks how to improve our spinning process. Thank you for that!
  June 17, 2015
... One thing I'm especially happy about these days is that... from Laurell you always get pretty fast response from sales and assistance on what you are about to buy.
  June 16, 2015
... Thanks for following up. Everything is running and working great!
  June 05, 2015
... The system is working great.
  June 05, 2015
... [The] system is great, exactly what we wanted.
  June 04, 2015
... The system is working wonderfully.
  June 01, 2015
... The purchased system works as expected to our satisfaction especially since we got the microscope slide mount. If no one has told you before, the spin coater makes excellent samples for analysis of pigment dispersion.
  May 29, 2015
... THANK YOU!!! You make good products that last.
  May 28, 2015
... It is a great piece of equipment.
  May 27, 2015
... We are very happy about the spin coater and we have done great depositions with it.
  May 20, 2015
... The system is working great. The procedures we developed are very reproducible.
  May 19, 2015
... The spin processor is working great, no problems at all.
  May 06, 2015
... The spin coater is running great.
  May 04, 2015
... I am very happy to receive an email to have our feedback on an equipment we bought. This is actually a first! We are very happy so far with the spin coater. Students and postdocs have been using it since then with no issues. We recently bought more accessories for it to continue using it efficiently.
  April 29, 2015
... It looks like everything is working very well. Thank you very much for your excellent assistance!
  April 27, 2015
... We have haven't had any problems at all. Lovely little spin coaters.
  April 16, 2015
... I have worked with the spin coater and is [sic] very satisfied with it.
  April 14, 2015
... The system works great.
  April 01, 2015
... The Spin Processor is working wonderfully.
  March 20, 2015
... Everything is working great.
  March 12, 2015
... Thanks for reaching out, the tools have been running very well.
  March 06, 2015
... I have been working on the spincoater for few days now and I am very happy with the results.
  March 06, 2015
... We have been very happy with the spin coater.
  March 04, 2015
... Our spin processor is working very well.
  March 04, 2015
... The system is working great.
  February 20, 2015
... We use it often and like it very much.
  February 19, 2015
... We are using the spin coater quite a lot - I think it is an amazing piece of equipment.
  February 09, 2015
... Laurell's spin coater's [sic] are the best!
  February 06, 2015
... The Spin Coater still works great.
  February 06, 2015
... The equipment is doing great.
  February 05, 2015
... The equipment is running exceedingly well.
  January 23, 2015
... We are very happy with the current systems and that's why we keep going back for more!


  December 12, 2014
... We have implemented the Laurell EDC in our feasibility process this week!...it is a huge improvement for the [w]hole process!
  December 08, 2014
... I've used your spin-coater since 2000. I love your equipment.
  November 10, 2014
... I absolutely love your coaters, they are really great!
  October 29, 2014
... The spinner is working perfectly, we really like how simple it is to operate.
  October 28, 2014
... You are awesome for updating us with info like this! It is excellent customer service and really helps.
  October 27, 2014
... The spin coater is working very well.
  October 22, 2014
... We have been using our spin processor with success. No problems at all.
  October 21, 2014
... The system is working great. Thank you very much.
  October 20, 2014
... The system is operating perfectly.
  October 06, 2014
... Everything is working great!... thank you for the follow-up!
  September 23, 2014
... [The] spin coater has been working perfectly for us.
  September 22, 2014
... Everything is working perfectly!
  September 22, 2014
... We really appreciate both the technical support and sales department at Laurell. We are very happy with the purchase.
  September 19, 2014
... We are very pleased with the system. It is typical Laurell. Well made, reliable and user friendly.
  September 17, 2014
... I am very happy with your product. It works very well!
  September 12, 2014
... The device works perfectly for this purpose and we have been very satisfied.
  September 08, 2014
... I really appreciate your fast (and effective) technical support. Happy customer here.
  September 03, 2014
... I found this instrument very helpful and easy to use.
  August 19, 2014
... Your company is a really good company to have [sic] business with.
  August 05, 2014
... [I] have been impressed with he ease of use of the equipment. I am looking forward to using it extensively in the future.
  July 17, 2014
... System is working great!
  July 01, 2014
... We are very satisfied with your equipment.
  June 30, 2014
... The system is working great!
  June 19, 2014
... The system is running great and we are glad we bought it.
  June 18, 2014
... The Laurell Spin coater in our lab works very well. We felt very much satisfied [sic] with its performance.
  June 12, 2014
... I've used a lot of spin coaters over the years and yours is the best for what we do.
  June 05, 2014
... We love the system. [This comment was made about a US university's 6 year old coater with a Universal Dispenser]
  May 30, 2014
... everything is right, the spinner is truly unique and is giving excellent results...better than that is impossible.
  May 30, 2014
... Thanks for the great service.
  April 30, 2014
... Thank you very much, we really enjoyed the training. it was very informative and productive. We're really happy with the results we got.
  April 17, 2014
... Your spinner works perfectly!
  April 15, 2014
... The tool runs flawlessly without any issues.
  April 15, 2014
... Our Laurell Spin Processor is working great!
  April 01, 2014
... Every one of us using the spin coater is satisfied with the quality and ease of use.
  March 26, 2014
... The spin coater is working perfectly and exactly what we need.
  March 26, 2014
... We finally obtained the spin coater and it's wonderful!
  March 13, 2014
... I have been using the spincoater for a while now, and its [sic] working excellent.
  February 26, 2014
... We have received the system, and it's been installed and works very well. Everyone here is quite impressed with how fast you were able to fix and return our spinner — that was most appreciated.
  February 25, 2014
... We have installed the system successfully, and performed a few test runs. Everything looks great...
  February 21, 2014
... The spin coater is working perfectly. It is a great piece of equipment.
  February 14, 2014
... I just got a chance tested [sic] the chuck. It works very well. This is very impressive. Thanks for the great work!
  February 14, 2014
... The brand [Laurell] has been so reliable and so good for what we do.
  February 14, 2014
... It is a great pleasure for me to inform you that we have received the spin coater in time and we began to use it some weeks ago with complete success.
  February 12, 2014
... Thankfully he didn't ruined [sic] the equipment which I have to say, saved my PhD. (Thank you guys, your spin coater is great!)
  February 06, 2014
... We have purchased the Spin Processor almost five years ago! It is working perfectly, it has a regular use in our Lab, and after that problem we had with the vacuum, (which customer support solved perfectly, even at the distance) everything it's fine.
  February 04, 2014
... We received the spin coater, set it up and are using. It is great. It is producing perfect films. Thank you for your help in selecting the model and working through the purchase.
  January 30, 2014
... The spin coater is working perfectly here. We do like it.
  January 15, 2014
... I am the Nano Fab manager at [well known East Coast US University] and we are outfitting our new Nano Fab Lab... Your tool comes highly recommended from a colleague at [leading Southwestern US Research University].
  January 14, 2014
... The easy to use setup ...perfectly meets our requirements.
  January 13, 2014
... We were very satisfied with your system. It made a lot of difference in our daily work, and I appreciate all the excellent engineering that went into this product.


  December 13, 2013
... We love it!! ...it works like a dream.
  December 09, 2013
... I am pleasantly surprised by your concern about your clients, which obviously is the policy of your company. I can tell that spinner we bought from you, exceeded our expectations as reliability and quality [sic].
  December 04, 2013
... We have been using the spin coater for several months now, getting to know the apparatus better and better. We are very satisfied with our purchase.
  November 19, 2013
... The new spin coater works beautifully.
  November 12, 2013
... The spinner works great.
  November 06, 2013
... The spincoater has been working great.
  November 05, 2013
... It still works like a charm.
  November 01, 2013
... It is nice to see your dedication to customer experience.
  October 31, 2013
... We are using the Laurell spin coater and we are very happy with it.
  October 24, 2013
... It works great. [Customer received a WS-650Mz-8NPP]
  October 17, 2013
... The system works great.
  October 07, 2013
... Spin-coater works perfectly. The results are good. I have no problems.
  July 30, 2013
... I really appreciate your great services.
  July 22, 2013
... I really love Laurell machines.
  July 02, 2013
... I wanted to thank you and everyone else that helped us through the process of purchasing and setting up the new spin processor. It has been a great experience all around.
  July 01, 2013
... The spin coater is very good, we like it very much.
  June 21, 2013
... I am very impressed with your level of service, please pass on my compliments to your colleagues.
  June 20, 2013
... I am impressed with the help you and your team at Laurell have been able to offer me so swiftly.
  May 28, 2013
... The spin coater arrived two weeks ago, and is already operational. [It] is perfect, it's giving me good results, as I imagined. I would recommend it to all my colleagues.
  May 14, 2013
... I have used your spin coaters in the past for coating flat substrates with silicone rubber and they worked well to achieve thin films.
  May 13, 2013
... The quality of the outcome is just perfect!
  April 06, 2013
... Always enthusiastic and extremely helpful. If he [Laurell Support Technician] didn't have the answer, he found it and got right back to us. He did a terrific job, and I know that I will return to Laurell Technologies if I need anything in the future. Kudos to you and your team!
  March 28, 2013
... We are still using our spin coater, it has been an excellent performer and has given us many hours of trouble free use.
  March 26, 2013
... The spincoater is working perfectly and we are very happy with it.
  March 26, 2013
... We are really happy we bought the equipment because we do not have any problems with it whatsoever.
  February 18, 2013
... The new spin coater has been up and running perfectly. We couldn't be happier with it
  January 23, 2013
... Thank you for all your help and the great service we have received from Laurell throughout our purchase.
  January 21, 2013
... The spinner works great! Our lab is really happy with it.


  December 14, 2012
... We recommended your company to other users that [were] interested in [using] our spin-coater because we are really satisfied with its yield.
  December 12, 2012
... The project I was working on has been completed and the spin processor worked beautifully.
  December 12, 2012
... It's been a dream as it is so easy to teach people how to use it...
  December 11, 2012
... The spinner works very well and I'm very satisfied with it. I've fabricated my PDMS multilayer devices with it and I love the spinner that always brings [consistent thickness of the] PDMS layer. :-)
  December 07, 2012
... Yes, the spinner is working very well, and yielding excellent, reproducible, accurate results.
  November 27, 2012
... We have had great success with the WS-650Mz-23NPP spinner we purchased from you and we are starting to plan for next year to extend our capability with it.
  November 14, 2012
... These spinners are really nice and permanently in use (I just heard from my colleague: "this is the best one in the whole cleanroom (we have about 2000m^2 ...)"
  November 09, 2012
... The entire experience - from the initial customer service to the repair of the instrument - has been extremely well handled. Thank you to you and all who helped at Laurell for the quick resolution.
  October 16, 2012
... These are great machines, they seldom cause any trouble.
  October 10, 2012
... I'm getting very good, repeatable results. My yields are 100% on nearly every op.
  October 01, 2012
... I have been playing with [the] instrument during [the] weekend.
It works now like [a] Swiss watch!
  September 25, 2012
... We have tested our new spin-coater with the integrated vacuum generator [IV-PVG] and are absolutely delighted with its performance.
  September 20, 2012
... Sure, you can certainly use me as a reference. I have always been satisfied with your spin processors.
  September 11, 2012
... [referring to a 6-year-old Laurell spin coater] Runs like a top, well, much better than a top: it still runs as the day it was new, even with all my students and staff's best attempts to break it.
  July 24, 2012
... We appreciate the system as its operation is quite easy and straight forward and its cleaning uncomplicated, compared to other systems I have used.
  July 02, 2012
... Just a quick email to say thanks for the parts that arrived yesterday ... The unit now works like new! Many thanks for all you assistance and excellent customer service.
  April 11, 2012
... One last thing; we would like to thank you guys for your so far impeccable service. We have never experienced such a fantastic order/delivery turnaround before. Your UK sales representative ... was absolutely brilliant and I would like it to be known that our decision to buy was mostly due to our dealings with him.
  January 31, 2012
... I just wanted to say that I've been getting lots of positive feedback on our new spin coater from our cleanroom users. Thanks!


  September 20, 2011
... Finally have a minute to say the (custom) chuck adapter worked like a charm last month! Thanks for expediting my order.
  August 15, 2011
... While reporting the first problem in 13 years of operation, one of our customers commented: "These spinners are great."
  August 05, 2011
... I very much appreciate the attention to the shipping and delivery from everyone at Laurell. That is more evidence that I made the right choice.
  July 19, 2011
... We bought a spin coater from you company two mounts ago [sic]. We use it allot and it is very good especially with [IV-PVG]. It is really good, better then vacuum pump. So thanks for good advice.
  July 15, 2011
... The spin processor came in yesterday and is back in process working like a new system. Thank your service team ... for the excellent service support and quick turn around. I really appreciate vendors who take the time to give service as much priority as sales.
  June 16, 2011
... Thanks so much! I will definitely be purchasing the WS-400-6NPP, with the IV-PVG attachment. (My experience with it was too good — it did everything I wanted and then some!)
  June 07, 2011
... I am very happy with the quick and friendly service.
  June 07, 2011
... Thanks so much. The whole process of designing it and making it was so fast.
  May 19, 2011
... My spin processer [sic] arrived this morning, everything looks good. I've got it installed and will start programming/process development this afternoon. Talk about service, you have blown away EVERY other manufacturer I've worked with.
  May 19, 2011
... As recommended by a colleague in Canada, the Spin Coater from Laurell is the best choice.
  May 13, 2011
... [I] had the chance to try it in [the University lab] and it is better than anything else I have seen. I am really looking forward to have it in our lab.
  May 04, 2011
... Thank you for the update. I wish all companies were like this!
  April 20, 2011
... Laurell is an unusually responsive company and I will look to you again as we grow.
  February 18, 2011
... I wanted to say thanks for the lightning fast quote/shipping.
  February 09, 2011
... Thanks a lot. Your customer support is really excellent.
  January 28, 2011
... Yall [sic] are absolutely FABULOUS! Best customer service ever! I knew you had to be on the east coast! People are nicer out there!
  January 26, 2011
... It is nice to talk with sales support that actually know their products, it is not always the companies have representatives that can give first hand information like you. We are for this reason very happy when we find combined sales and after sales support solution like yours. It much better to have this abroad than a local agent with limited knowledge.
  January 14, 2011
... I would like to thank all of you for your support in resolving our problem. Laurell made us a priority for an issue which required a couple days full time support. It is nice to know some companies are still there after the sale to enable a relationship to develop for future business down the road. Please let everyone know their efforts are greatly appreciated.
  January 14, 2011
... Thank you for your organization's support, really does speak well for the quality of your company.


  December 03, 2010
... Thank you very much for the prompt delivery. We are very impressed with the speed of which this order was processed and shipped.
  October 25, 2010
... Many thanks and I'm very pleased to be a user of your machine!
  September 29, 2010
... I've been using the WS-400-6NPP-LITE model in our lab for a year now and find it to be robust, easy to clean and a very good performance spincoater. I'll definitely keep Laurell in mind if we end up finding the lab space & for my future research.
  August 27, 2010
... I have never had a supplier company so dedicated to help and support so quickly and professional.
  August 26, 2010
... Thanks so much for taking care of us so well. So far, we've been thrilled with your product. It's light years better than some of the competing instruments I've seen. Everything in the entire process has been smooth from buying over support to application. And the product is reasonably priced. Unfortunately, you do not find this kind of quality in a lot of companies these days (especially in this country...). So cheers to Laurell!
  June 18, 2010
... I had a good experience with a Laurell spin coater when I was in U.S. This is the reason that I decided to buy Laurell again.
  June 08, 2010
... We made a rapid decision [about a Laurell spin processor], as I was always pleased by this product in the past.
  May 12, 2010
... Many thanks for your great support!
  April 21, 2010
... We received our WS-650, installed it, and so far it's been great. We're very pleased with the spin coater, and with Laurell customer service in general.
  January 28, 2010
... I downloaded the Spin 3000 update, and it worked perfectly on the first try. Thanks again so much for your help. Laurell rocks!
  January 21, 2010
... We are very satisfied with our purchase because the Laurell's spin coater is excellent and very robust.


  November 30, 2009
... I'm writing to you to thank you for the help and assistance you gave us with our spin processor, it's working very well now. It's remarkable to us the excellent customer and technical service you have provided, even given the long distance. We really appreciate it.
  October 16, 2009
... As you know we have specified a number of Laurell systems and have been extremely happy with them.
  September 18, 2009
... I think the design of the Laurell spinners is superior to many competitors' designs.
  September 02, 2009
... I was losing about 50% of my (very expensive) GaAs chips as 'fly-aways'. The Laurell fragment adapters work perfectly—the anxiety I had when starting my 5000 RPM spins is completely gone! I didn't even need to consider the alternative of wax mounting that we'd discussed. Thanks for all your help, and for a great product!
  August 05, 2009
... I appreciate how smoothly this purchase went, and look forward to working with Laurell in the future with spin coating applications.
  July 29, 2009
... Thanks so much for your suggestion. You folks are much more than manufacturers of high-tech semiconductor processing instrumentation—you're a valuable resource to us researchers involved in semiconductor work and solid-state device fabrication. Thank you!
  June 26, 2009
... The tool is performing very well and many of the other group members are amazed with our way of etching, certainly concerning the reproducibility of it.
  June 19, 2009
... The spin coater has been a dream to use. I am very pleased with the purchase.
  June 11, 2009
... The result is excellent, it even surpassed those of [prominent competitor] — 0.5% uniformity, minimum particulates due to minimum or zero flashbacks from the wall chamber, and the motor runs quietly.
  June 10, 2009
... I have been very impressed with Laurell Technologies at every step of ordering and setting up this equipment.
  May 22, 2009
... Late last year we purchased a WS-650Sz-6NPP-Lite Spin Processor from you. We're really impressed with the unit and are considering purchasing another.
  March 16, 2009
... I was pleasantly surprised with the extras and accessories I got. I will mention Laurell's generosity in the next staff meeting.
  March 01, 2009
... Your service is excellent!
  February 26, 2009
... I love your tools.
  February 06, 2009
... Thank you so much for your highly efficient work. We appreciate it very much.
  February 04, 2009
... We have now used our Laurell Spin Coater for a while and are quite pleased with the performance of the equipment.


  November 17, 2008
... You may be interested to know that I purchased the equipment based on an extremely positive referral from [existing Laurell WS-650Sz customer].
  November 14, 2008
... I appreciate the way you do business. I always keep companies like yours in mind for future purchases.
  January 08, 2008
... Usually people tend to complain when they're dissatisfied, but I'd like to praise you for the quality of your support. It was quick and efficient.


  November 30, 2007
... I had the opportunity of using a spin coater identical to this one some months ago, was impressed with its quality and practicality, and am looking forward to obtaining a new one. Thanks again for your trouble and quick response.
  October 30, 2007
... We saw an increase in etch depth uniformity in both two (3%) and three (13%) inch wafers after the PEG (Laurell Technologies Corporation's Pneumatic Exhaust Generator PEG-1)
  April 19, 2007
... It looks good! We are impressed with your workmanship on the new, custom, vacuum chuck.
  April 03, 2007
... We have no problems with the spin-coater and are very pleased with it! We already have experience with spin coating using [prominent competitor's system] and I have to admit that yours works perfectly and simply! We are so pleased we want to order another one.


  November 21, 2006
... Thank you for the e-mail, it is refreshing to see that there are companies out there that still realize the value of customer service!
  October 17, 2006
... Thank you very very much for the fast and immediate indications. The valve was stuck for some reason, but on the manual there are very clear and very well illustrated indications (this is very strange for scientific instrumentation, really, usually is not like that) on how to do for disassembling and cleaning the valve. I confirm that I am quite satisfied with the apparatus. I really have a good opinion of it.
  August 25, 2006
... I have learned from my colleagues that your spin processor is the best.
  August 18, 2006
... Thank you so much for the expeditious handling of our order. We received the spin coater this morning and are busy setting it up for use for this afternoon — right on schedule! I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for the high level of professionalism and customer attentiveness provided at every level of your company. It's comforting to know that old-fashioned American quality, expertise, and personalized customer support is still alive and well. Please forward my remarks to your colleagues and thank them on my behalf.
  April 11, 2006
... The drain cup is extremely helpful while operating the spin coater. It effectively collects drainage run off of additional film solution while in operation. I found this allowed me to focus more of my attention on my spin coating process as opposed to having to worry about where the film waste ends up. Also, it provides the additional benefit of collecting all the waste in one place.
  March 14, 2006
... I thank you for your very fast and constructive assistance.
  March 09, 2006
... I appreciate your great support.
  February 28, 2006
... I appreciate your great support.
  February 09, 2006
... The new spinner is working really well, thanks! Just thought I'd let you know.
  January 18, 2006
... Thank you very much for your support. I really appreciate it.
  January 05, 2006
... It was a pleasure using Laurell Technologies products, and I will gladly endorse your products to anyone.


  December 15, 2005
... Thank you so very much for sending me the o-rings and test instruction. I'm so impressed with Laurell's customer support service, and I am glad to have chosen Laurell's products. I really appreciate your help.
  November 25, 2005
... I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality of the system and support material. It is not often that I am prepared to say that I am impressed, but this equipment does show a great deal of thought and care from design to construction and support.
  November 07, 2005
... Everything works great, and it definitely is the best design on a spin coater that I've seen.
  November 02, 2005
... Thanks for following up, your company has been very easy to work with.
  September 27, 2005
... I have been impressed by Laurell's overall support.
  August 31, 2005
... Thank you for your follow-up. I am seeing that service is very good at Laurell!
  August 23, 2005
... The spin coater was here this morning at my desk (what service!) Thank you.
  August 18, 2005
... The spin coater is working very well, indeed.
  August 10, 2005
... The spin processor is working very well and all of us are impressed at the speed with which shipment was made. Thank you very much.
  June 27, 2005
... We are extremely happy with the quick turnaround on delivery.
  June 13, 2005
... Thanks for the quick delivery.
  June 09, 2005
... Thanks for the very fast shipping of the unit!
  March 29, 2005
... I received the spin coater last week and have already installed it. It works great!
  March 29, 2005
... We are very satisfied with the equipment. It does exactly what we need it to do. It is simple but reliable; the kind of technology I like.
  March 01, 2005
... The spin coater looks wonderful!
  February 24, 2005
... [Referring to our Process Support Engineer] ...his help has been invaluable.
  February 23, 2005
... Again thank you for the excellent service.
  February 09, 2005
... Many thanks for all the help and for the efficient delivery.
  February 07, 2005
... We are happy with our Laurell Spin Coater. Furthermore, I used different spin coater brands in the past, and when I compared them with our Laurell Spin Coater, in terms of cost and performance, I feel that I made a right decision.
  January 28, 2005
... It has been a pleasure doing business with you again!


  December 14, 2004
... Your equipment is fantastic, your sales staff was motivated and informed, and you got it to me so fast I was startled.
  December 08, 2004
... The spin processor is working really well. I will keep in touch, as we may want another in the near future.
  December 01, 2004
... Thank you for your speedy turnaround.
  December 01, 2004
... I have enjoyed working with Laurell Technologies.
  November 22, 2004
... I really appreciate your help and the fast turnaround.
  November 18, 2004
... I am very satisfied with the performance of the spin coater.
  November 18, 2004
... The spin processor is working very well and we are very satisfied.
  November 11, 2004
... Everything is working a absolutely well with the spin coater, and we are getting some very pleasing, highly reproducible results. So, if we end up publishing any work using your spin coater, we will correctly acknowledge your company and equipment.
  November 04, 2004
... Thanks for your spin processor. So far it is perfect.
  October 26, 2004
... Thank you for all your support. It has been a great delight to interact with you and your company.
  October 25, 2004
... The spin processor is performing splendidly.
  October 13, 2004
... The spin processor is working very well. Thank you for the excellent assistance.
  October 06, 2004
... I also appreciate the professionalism and concern every member of your company that I have spoken with has shown regarding this purchase.
  September 24, 2004
... We are very happy with the spin coater
  September 22, 2004
... I am pleased, very pleased, to tell you that your instrument is even better than expected. We're very impressed by the ease of use and the reliability of your spin coater.
  September 20, 2004
... The spin coater is working like a charm.
  September 20, 2004
... The spin coater is really easy to use and everyone in the lab is very happy with it.
  September 15, 2004
... Thanks very much for the fast delivery!
  September 09, 2004
... The spin coater works very well for my application.
  September 02, 2004
... The spin processor works very well. I am very happy with it. Thank you again for the prompt processing of the order and the quick delivery.
  August 25, 2004
... The spin coater is operating very well and we are happy with our purchase.
  August 25, 2004
... The spin coater is really easy to use and everyone in the lab is very happy with it.
  August 24, 2004
... The spin coater you sent arrived and is installed and working perfectly. Thanks so much for your amazingly quick response!
  August 18, 2004
... Thanks for a very quick delivery!
  August 12, 2004
... Your manual is the best I've seen in a long time.
  July 26, 2004
... Thanks for very pleasant and professional service!
  June 28, 2004
... The spin coater is working well.
  June 21, 2004
... The spin coater works nicely. Thank you very much for your advice and for a great product.
  June 17, 2004
... We are all exceptionally pleased with the new spin coater. Thank you.
  June 16, 2004
... The coater is working well. Many Thanks.
  June 16, 2004
... The spin coater has been great. Thanks so much for your help.
  June 08, 2004
... I look forward to working with you again in the future.
  May 25, 2004
... We really appreciate fast, qualitative responses from Laurell. Speaking honestly, Laurell gave the better service than any other company.
  May 21, 2004
... The spin coater works brilliantly.
  May 13, 2004
... I would be happy to recommend your instrument.
  May 13, 2004
... Thanks for the speedy delivery. I didn't even know purchasing had processed our order and assigned a budget yet!
  May 11, 2004
... Our spin coater works beautifully and we are very happy with it.
  May 04, 2004
... Thanks for the great technical help I received.
  April 27, 2004
... I'm delighted with the product. Again, many thanks to you all.
  April 21, 2004
... Your support engineers have been incredibly helpful with their information, they are both an asset to your company.
  April 19, 2004
... The coater has been installed and is working flawlessly.
  April 07, 2004
... The spin coater is working perfectly.
  March 25, 2004
... We are very pleased with it! It is a vast improvement on our previous machine and perfect for our needs.
  March 23, 2004
... Thank you for the prompt delivery.
  March 19, 2004
... We have tested the RD spin processor last week intensively for cleaning and drying 3" and 4" wafers after Cu CMP, and it works very well.
  March 16, 2004
... The spin processor works great.
  March 09, 2004
... It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
  March 09, 2004
... Thank you for your expedient delivery.
  March 01, 2004
... Your service was irreproachable.
  February 20, 2004
... We're very happy with the spin coater so far, and it is a vast improvement over our old unit with many design features we like. We're thinking of purchasing another.


  December 12, 2003
... I've been very content in doing business with you, and you can be sure you will be the first company to be contacted if we need equipment of this kind.
  October 08, 2003
... We have received, installed, and tested the new spin coater and are very pleased with its performance.
  September 24, 2003
... The spin coater is performing well.
  September 18, 2003
... Thank you very much for such a prompt reaction. It is a real pleasure to do business with you.
  September 04, 2003
... The spin coater is indeed a valuable addition to our process capabilities. We are very satisfied with the build quality and performance and would recommend the system to others. We look forward to future sales opportunities with Laurell.
  August 19, 2003
... The spin coater works great. ThanksW It was very easy working with your company.
  March 26, 2003
... You have been very considerate and professional, and I truly appreciated your help.
  March 10, 2003
... Thanks for the great service.


  November 26, 2002
... I tested the spin coater and it works great.
  November 05, 2002
... I must say, I'm very impressed with the diligence and speed of your response to my request. Thank you very much for your help. I look forward to recommending your products to my colleagues.
  November 05, 2002
... I'm very happy. Thank you for the support.
  October 31, 2002
... Everything is working perfectly. Thank you for the quick delivery!
  September 25, 2002
... It has been a real pleasure working with Laurell!
  April 03, 2002
... We received the spin coater very promptly and it is working great. Thanks for all of your help.
  March 20, 2002
... Thanks again for all your help. It is really nice to see a company go beyond 'normal' duties to assist someone. It will not be forgotten.
  March 20, 2002
... This afternoon I made a visit to see a Laurell Technologies spin coater unit and I must say that I was quite impressed. It was extremely quiet and stable—even at 6,000 RPM—and was simple to operate and clean.
  March 14, 2002
... I noticed your website has been updated recently—it is very nice, user friendly, and fast-loading)
  February 21, 2002
... We have gotten very good results with the spin coater. It is what we needed.
  February 07, 2002
... Thank you for your help. It is good to see a company stand by their products and respect people. In the future, I will look to your company first for equipment. Thanks again.


  October 25, 2001
... Thank you for keeping us informed all the time. It is a pleasure to work with a company that is doing business in a professional way.
  October 16, 2001
... We are quite happy with our spin coater. The chuck seems to work with the small, irregular substrates we use.
  October 04, 2001
... Thank you! Your services and follow-ups were extraordinary. I wish that every company would have that attitude.
  September 25, 2001
... Thank you for the shipment notice. This is a very nice extra touch you provide for your customers. I am very impressed with your customer service department, as well as with your products!
  September 25, 2001
... I have received the items in good order. Thank you for your speedy delivery
  September 14, 2001
... I have just received the spin coater and I like the way you packaged it. I appreciate your help. Please forward my thanks.
  August 16, 2001
... I did indeed receive the duct kit. It's a little embarrassing that I heard about the delivery from you long before I heard from my own receiving department! I really appreciate your message. The small details do count.
  August 01, 2001
... We've had nothing but good experiences with the two existing Laurell spin coaters in our laboratory. Thanks again for your attention
  March 24, 2001
... Also I would like to thank your support engineer, who was extremely helpful in this situation. She was continuously in search of a solution that would be acceptable to all of us. This speaks to your employees, your company, and to how you do business.


  October 07, 2000
... I wanted to let you know that the rinser/dryers are working well and to compliment you on this nice web page.


  September 10, 1999
... I just wanted to say that our new spin coater works beautifully. My advisor was really impressed with its performance and versatility. I'm glad that I discovered Laurell Technologies.
  July 01, 1999
... Just wanted to let you know that the new lid assembly we purchased from you is now installed and working beautifully. Many thanks to you and your staff for all the help you gave.