650 Series Controller

  • Designed specifically for ease-of-use
  • Simple to program from the operator panel or your PC
  • Ability to allow process inputs from external sources
  • Designed specifically for continuous process development
  • Operational statistics stored continuously & permanently
Truly Unique Interactive Process Control
(NOT a cheap, limited-capability PLC)
  • You may now interact freely with the process or allow process inputs to direct actions in a pre-determined way.
  • Rotate forward, reverse, or agitate back & forth (cyclically changing direction (programmed in cycles per minute)
  • Step backward and forward within a running program
  • Loop a sequence of instructions either waiting for an external input or just repeat a step 255 times before continuing.
  • Change speed or acceleration rate on the fly — while running in edit mode
  • Virtually unlimited number of programs with included PC interface software)
  • Actual process, chemical, sensor names are displayed, not cryptic numbers, letters or symbols.
  • Clear messages for alarms, failures, and deficiencies indicating what is wrong
  • Each program step can be conditionally interlocked with multi-directed action
  • Step forward, backwards, pause, stop or start at any point of your process
  • Digital inputs (read and direct process based on: end-point detection, resistivity, temperature, pressure, level sensors, exhaust flow, safety interlocks, et al.)
  • Digital outputs (control valves, mixers, dampers, alarms including light trees, et al.)
  • *Acceleration / Deceleration (programmable in each step with 1 RPM/second increments)
  • Speeds as slow as 1 RPM or as high as *12,000 RPM
Standard features include:
  • Digital readout of closed loop speed control
  • Non-Volatile memory
  • Convenient twenty, 51-step program storage (can be rearranged in the field to a maximum of 128 programs with 8 steps each, and a minimum of 5 programs with 255 steps each, if desired)
  • Vacuum and lid interlocks — display of actual vacuum at the wafer (will not allow rotation if hold-down force is insufficient) the set point is user adjustable
  • Step time from 1 second to 99 minutes 59.9 seconds in 0.1 second increments
  • Design precludes accidentally re-running a process on the same wafer
  • Password-protected (lock programs, assign different levels access)
  • Standard communications port for PC software included — see Spin 3000

Familiar keypad, function-oriented interface panel and graphic back-lighted information display make the learning curve just a few minutes to program and use.

Optional Touch Screen Interface is now available.

All Laurell systems are forward and backward compatible — we realize that our customers will challenge us to be ready with new tools to meet their ever-changing requirements... this has always been the motivation behind our designs. You'll notice we don't copy anyone else's ideas — they copy ours (or try to, anyway)...


*may be restricted to lower speed or acceleration rate based upon substrate size, weight or chuck type