EDC-650-23 Spin Processor

Station mounted EDC-650-23
Station Mounted EDC-650-23

The Laurell EDC-650-23B Spin Processor is compact and packed with advanced features. This 650-series EDC system will accommodate up to ø150mm wafers and 5" × 5" (127mm × 127mm) substrates. Though this system has a 12,000 RPM capability with vacuum hold-down, it is recommended for only 3,000 RPM and non-vacuum chucks.

Available Options

spin coater exhaust and drain optionsExhaust and Drain: All Laurell EDC™ systems come standard with an adjustable down-flow exhaust and drain. See: Details
Note: the system's exhaust is also monitored by the process controller and must always remain sufficiently within range to run.

spin coater chuckChucks and Adapters: Laurell always recommends the exclusive use of non-vacuum chucks with EDC™ systems. We also offer thousands of chucks and adapters. Details

spin coater linerLiners: Removable, reusable process chamber liners, made from FEP Teflon®, are available for every Spin Coater model.

In-Deck Mounting (IND): Allows the fully-sealed spin processor to be permanently installed into a wet-bench with remotely mounted controller. Details

On-Deck Mounting (OND): Features an earthquake-proof base mounting with remotely mounted controller. Commonly used with glovebox or wet-bench mounting. Details

Teflon® Housing: Substitute NPP with Teflon® for use with processes that require chemistry to be dispensed at elevated temperatures. Details

spin coater high performance driveHigh-Performance Drive: up to 12,000 RPM (depending upon the controller, chuck material, substrate size and mass). For specifics, see: Details

spin coater integrated vacuum generatorIntegrated Variable Pneumatic Vacuum Generator (IV-PVG): no moving parts, easy to clean. For specifics, see: Details

spin coater back side rinse (BSR)Back Side Rinse (BSR): An adjustable injector can dispense material on the bottom side of the substrate simultaneously with top side. This technique is most commonly used with DI water to limit back side damage during etching.

Dynamic Linear Dispense (DLD): See Details

Dynamic Radial Dispenser (DRD): See Details

spin coater rinse to resistivityRinse to Resistivity: Detects rinse completion and alerts the processor to dry the substrate, saving valuable resources usually wasted on a time-based system.

Level Detection: Either in a drain reservoir or supply container.

Leak Detection: Laurell uses the most dependable sensor technology available—audio and video alarm with industry-standard light tree.

Heated Process Chemistry: with point-of-use or recirculation type heat exchanges.

Dual Containment Plumbing: For an extra layer of safety, when heated or dangerous materials are dispensed, Laurell always recommends the use of double-walled plumbing.

spin coater wafer alignment toolWafer Alignment Tools: Laurell's proprietary wafer alignment tools can be used to effortlessly center wafers on vacuum chucks. Details

spin coater mounted in wet stationInstalled in a Station: See: Standard Station WS-1000 and Mini Station WS-1000M.


EDC-650-23B EDC System Specifications

Process Controller: The 650-series process controller utilizes a robust microprocessor and with the use of its accompanying PC software (written in an object-oriented programming language) it achieves nearly unheard of flexibility both in process definition and use. This controller allows operator interaction in real-time during the process execution including pausing time, stopping and continuing on from that point. The system can and will be continually updated easily and quickly in the field with downloadable firmware revisions. (we plan ahead at Laurell!) Researchers worldwide have developed unique processes which will ONLY run with the level of control sophistication we offer.

The 650-series controller can also be used in conjunction with a PC with Spin 3000, Laurell's exclusive process management software, however this is NOT required to program or run the equipment. The use of a PC adds the ability to record a process as it's run, operate remotely, program or communicate across a LAN or the Internet. The software, which is supplied at no additional cost, allows the operator to create virtual process simulations even beyond the capabilities of the hardware-installed spin processor, in effect letting them try it before they commit to a process. All 650 systems can be upgraded or re-purposed without return to the factory with simple plug-in modules, either actually or virtually, and can contain a near-unlimited number of processes and steps.

A Brief Description: The housing for this system is typically made from a solid co-polymer blend exclusive to Laurell Technologies. Unlike pure Natural Polypropylene, this material is able to resist solvents and strong acids and bases. Samples are available for testing and verification upon request. A solid PTFE Hostaflon® TFM-1600 / Teflon® AF housing is available (popular for high-temperature chemistry and sub-micron particle studies). Laurell's unique internal bowl-shaped chamber with its bottom gutter and clear dome lid controls the flow of liquids and gases efficiently from dispense point to drain.

No "splash rings" needed, or accidental drips onto the substrate. Our oversized Adjustable Down-Flow Exhaust and Drain allows and continuously monitors the process chamber's atmospheric balance, providing the user maximum control and repeatability. The 650 controller intelligently monitors not only the exhaust pressure within the process (standard), but optionally many other parameters, like temperature in a heated supply loop, drain water resistivity of a rinse, pH changes, etc. The upper plenum closes inside the base to provide an overlapping seal. The EDC™'s process chamber is electrically interlocked so rotation and dispensing are disabled when open and latched, and locked until finished with 0 RPM is sensed. A bowl-wash and dry routine can be added to each process or run independently. (another important Laurell EDC standard)

A proprietary labyrinth seal protects the motor and control electronics from chemical contamination. This seal provides the process chamber with Nitrogen purge and has been proven to be particle-free on a sub-micron level during field testing. The system's lid is chemically resistant, and only ECTFE-coated 316 stainless steel screws are used in some non-wetted areas throughout the system.

Need more details? See EDC 650 Series.

Operator and System Safety


Complete electrical isolation from the operator, fool-proof door interlock, and ETL certification, UL, and CSA approval of components assure many years of safe, trouble-free performance. Interlocks prevent rotation when the vacuum switch has not been engaged and when the lid is open. All Laurell systems are CE and RoHS compliant, and all certificates are sent with each system. For more information, please visit the Safety page.

Process Safeguard

The "process safeguard" feature of all Laurell process controllers ensures that the same process cannot inadvertently be run on the same substrate. This feature can easily be bypassed to run the same process again without opening the system or a sequence can be run over and over (looping).

Required Facilities

N2 Process/Seal Purge: 60–70 PSIG (4–5 bar) of Nitrogen/CDA is required to pressurize the labyrinth-type motor seal. This gas also purges the process chamber. The gas consumption is very low, at 3 cubic feet per hour (0.085 m3/hour) for our standard motor, and 20 cubic feet per hour (0.566 m3/hour) for our High Performance motor. 10 feet (300 cm) of 3/16 inch (~4 mm) inside diameter X 1/4 inch (~6 mm) outside diameter PE tubing is provided.

Vacuum: 25–28 inches (~635–711mm) Hg of vacuum with a flow volume of 4.5 SCFM (0.127 cubic meters/minute) at 0 inches Hg is suggested. 10 feet (300 cm) of 3/8 inch (~9.5 mm) outside diameter X 1/4 inch (~6 mm) inside diameter PE tubing is provided.

Power: 95 to 240VAC, 47/63HZ, ~300 Watts

Processes supported

Includes, but not limited to, Etch, Develop, Clean, typically followed by solvent or aqueous rinse, then dry.

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"We have implemented the Laurell EDC in our feasibility process this week!...it is a huge improvement for the [w]hole process!"

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"I downloaded the Spin 3000 update, and it worked perfectly on the first try. Thanks again so much for your help. Laurell rocks!"

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"The Spin Processor is working great! "

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"Thanks so much for your suggestion. You folks are much more than manufacturers of high-tech semiconductor processing instrumentation—you're a valuable resource to us researchers involved in semiconductor work and solid-state device fabrication. Thank you!"

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"It's [WS-650Mz-23NPPB] been working smoothly."

 What else are our customers saying?

"The spin processor works great."

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"We are enjoying the new spin coating system [WS-650Mz-23NPPB]. Everything works well "

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