Laurell HL Series Spin Coater

Clear Controls & Easy Programming

The (included) wireless control tablet with Laurell Touch software allows you to program and control your spin coater from anywhere in the lab.

Laurell Control Tablet

Store thousands of spin coating recipes on the control tablet. Create and edit programs in Laurell Touch or through our Spin 3000 application.

System information and status, operating controls and the program listing are all available on the main screen.

All The Features You Need
  • Motors, electronics, & software designed and custom-built from the ground up to eliminate unpredictability
  • Large bowl-shaped process chamber to reduce turbulence and eliminate splash back while spin coating
  • A seamless copolymer housing and no exposed metal allows use of a wider range of chemistry and more flexible processing
  • Transparent Halar® lids, solid construction, system interlocks, and independent testing ensure operator safety
  • Everyday ergonomics means ease of access to the chuck and process chamber. No need to drop your substrate on to a chuck
  • Field upgradeable spin coaters — add features as you need them
Easy Installation

The detachable lid makes the Laurell HL Series Spin Coater easy to install in your glove box. HL Series spin coater inside glove box If the space inside your glove box is at a premium, our small footprint ensures you will have room to spare.

Ready To Go Out of the Box

Laurell includes chucks, country-specific power cables, drain cups, vacuum, purge supply, and exhaust piping with every spin coater.

What's in the box

HL Series spin coaters come with a Teflon® chamber liner included for easy clean up.

Substrate Handling
Laurell Technologies Chucks

The chuck is the vital interface between your work and ours. Using the right chuck improves spin coating quality. Simple substrates can be secured by our wide variety of off-the-shelf solutions, but not every substrate is simple.

We have designed and custom-built thousands of chucks to answer our customers' most demanding requirements.

Multiple Automated Dispense

Precise and repeatable sequential coating of different materials can be automated using Laurell dispense options, like the Single Shot Dispenser (SSD) and the Universal Dispenser (UD-3).

Laurell SSD & UD-3 dispensers

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